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Why Successful Flower Shops Are Offering Anniversary Reminders as a Community Service 

(and how they create recurring revenue on autopilot)

by Lauren Dillon

Think back to the last time you celebrated an anniversary. Recall the heartfelt wishes, thoughtful gestures, and perhaps even surprise gifts and flowers that were shared.  

Each anniversary holds significant emotional value, marking another year of love, commitment, and cherished memories. For flower shop owners, tapping into the power of anniversary reminders is akin to creating magical moments for customers year after year.

Everyone appreciates being remembered on their special day, and by leveraging this sentiment in your marketing strategy, you can effectively nurture both new and existing customer relationships.

Anniversary reminders have the potential to deepen the bond between a florist and its patrons. 

In our experience, we've seen remarkable success with anniversary reminder campaigns -- they boost loyalty and drive revenue, making them a staple recommendation in our toolbox for florists that are seeking small changes that can lead to big gains. 

If you're looking for a strategic approach for driving revenue growth, attracting high-value, loyal customers, let's explore why anniversary reminders have become a cornerstone of success for top-growing flower shops in the United States...and how you can leverage them too.

Why are anniversary reminders so important for a floristry business that wants to keep growing every quarter?

The key to sustainable growth lies in prioritizing customer retention alongside acquisition. By dedicating resources to keeping your existing customers returning year after year, you lay the foundation for long-term success. 

An anniversary campaign serves as a powerful tool for collecting customer contact information, enabling you to communicate with them using their mobile phone. 

  1. Increased Customer Loyalty: By providing a valuable service that helps customers celebrate important occasions, you foster loyalty and encourage repeat business. Personalized anniversary reminders demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction, strengthening the bond between your flower shop and its patrons. 

  2. Predictable Revenue Streams: With an anniversary reminder service in place, you can count on a steady flow of orders from repeat customers, creating a predictable revenue stream for your flower shop. By leveraging text messaging alongside email, you ensure that your reminders are seen and acted upon promptly, maximizing conversion opportunities. 

  3. Enhanced Brand Reputation: Offering anniversary reminders demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction and community engagement, enhancing your brand reputation and attracting new customers. By delivering personalized and timely reminders via text messaging, you provide a seamless and convenient experience that reflects positively on your business.

  4. Opportunities for Upselling: Reminding customers of upcoming anniversaries and special gifting days provides opportunities to upsell additional products or services, increasing your average order value. With text messaging, you can deliver targeted promotions or offers directly to your customers' fingertips, encouraging them to make additional purchases while celebrating their special occasions. 

  5. Efficient Communications: Unlike email, which may sit unread in an inbox for hours or even days, text messages are typically read within minutes of being received. This immediacy, reach, and speed increases the likelihood of conversion.

So, how do you set up an Anniversary Reminder community service that enables text SMS communications all year?


While it takes some work and patience, the results are more than worth it.

Here’s the core steps:

Step #1:
Find a tool that allows you to send out mass broadcasts and triggered automations based on anniversary date to everyone on your list all at once. There are all in one tools that allow you to do both email and text marketing. If you want to set it up by yourself, feel free use our chat widget to text us for the details.

Step #2:
Build a landing page that captures name, anniversary, and the cell phone number. This is the page you'll send current and prospective customers to visit through physical, digital, and social channels.


Step #3:
Next, build one automated sequence that acts as a confirmation for signing up for the Anniversary Reminder service. This is a great time to share the business contact details too so they can save your shop's vCard to their phone for quick access in the future. 


Step #4:
Then build another automation that waits for the anniversary date to be 14 days out, and 7 days out. This is incredibly powerful. And you don't even have to offer discounts if you don't want to. The reminder service alone carries enough value.


Step #5:
Finally, build assets to help staff and marketing channels entice current and prospective customers to join the "Anniversary Reminders Service" -- send an email blast to your current database, post on social media, create a pop up on your website...even promote at the register. 

Optionally, you can also boost Facebook ads around your flower shop location too.


Then, sit back and watch the results roll in.

TIP: Squeeze Out More Revenue with Advanced Set Up

By starting an Anniversary Reminder Service and using it week after week as a community service that you're constantly talking about, you'll be building a customer database that becomes your very own advertising channel. 

But don't just send anniversary reminders...

As you build the list, you can also send reminders of other special gifting holidays, like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and their spouses birthday. 

It takes some additional automations and campaign landing pages to dial all this in, but once it's set up, you have a sales and marketing engine working for your flower shop, week after week, year after year.

Here’s my Sincere Recommendation and Request.


While setting up your Anniversary Reminders automated system is something that you can absolutely do on your own, I know that your time is valuable. This is a task we do for our customers all the time and my team and I would love the opportunity to just do it for you. 

It’s not expensive and it’s something that we can have ready for you to use and benefit from in under 2 weeks from today.

I guarantee that within 60 days of us setting up an Anniversary Reminder Service for your business that you’ll see a strong spike in sales and customer engagement with your business. 

All you have to do is sign up using this link and we’ll get it built for you within 14 days. Let myself and my team get you set up and if you aren’t completely satisfied with the results of your “Anniversary Text Marketing System” after 60 days, we can part ways as you're free to cancel any time.

Click Here to Sign Up Now and let us help build your business using Anniversary Reminders and the latest in marketing tech.


Lauren Dillon
Owner at OnlineKix

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