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Online video commercial special program

Start building more revenue with an Online Video Commercial strategy that uses the Power of Digital Marketing.

Post-production, we'll help drive local exposure! When you cover our hard cards to optimize for search and syndicate online, we'll give the profits to Feeding the Carolinas and Thank You on social media for helping to make it possible.

  • Part 1: All production costs of a Hollywood-style online video commercial are covered in exchange for your feedback and paying it forward to other family-owned business owners. ($2500+ Value)

  • Part 2: We'll optimize your online video commercial for popular search and video platforms, and syndicate it to your website and across social channels. ($700 value)

  • Part 3: We'll thank you for supporting the local food banks using Social Media, tagging your business and any other local news sites and hashtags you want.

  • Part 4* Advanced: We'll turn your 5-star reviews into social media content, one post a week, so your audience has a constant reminder that you're the most reputable in your industry. ($300 value)

  • Part 5* Advanced: We'll help you capture the audience of your hottest visitors that have come to your website but not yet called you. And we'll stay in front of them with your 5-star reputation (everywhere they go online...just like Amazon does) until they are ready to buy.

    To launch the campaign, we'll design a set of online banner ads and get you on all of the top national and local news, sports, and entertainment sites and mobile apps...up to 10,000 impressions over 30-days. ($3,500 Value for creative and campaign management)

  • Your Purchase is Protected by our Satisfaction Promise.

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